My Priorities

I have been an active and involved resident in various capacities in Rosemead since making the City our family home in 2000. I am connected to the community as a mom, wife, and daughter. I interact daily with community members, and I frequent local businesses in Rosemead. My diverse work experience in real estate, finance, public utility and city government, and my active civic involvement in community volunteering, public education, public safety, mental health and economic development all give me the depth and the range of knowledge and experience to be an effective Rosemead City Council member. I know how to set realistic, achievable goals that will improve the quality of life for Rosemead residents and support the success of Rosemead businesses.

My priorities are:

To build a stronger community by engaging residents, businesses and local stakeholders to share concerns, ideas and solutions by improving communication and engagement between the City, residents and businesses. Residents and businesses have expressed a desire for their concerns to be heard and opportunity to give meaningful input for timely solutions.
Rosemead has a diverse business community reflecting the strong work ethics and entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses that have contributed richly to the City. Good economic development must include support for established businesses and provide tools and resources for small businesses to grow.
In the last three months, my family had trespassers enter our property and take items from our yard. My neighbor was robbed and stabbed while biking with his dogs in our neighborhood, and another neighbor had his brand new car stolen while it was parked on the street. Businesses have shared experiences with after hour break-ins. We need to strengthen our current public safety education and crime prevention programs.
Our parks are greatly enjoyed and used by residents and diverse groups to exercise, walk their dogs, play sports, and for celebrations and gatherings. As a result, there is much greater wear-and-tear on our park equipment, furniture and facilities. To ensure a safe and clean environment for park users, it is important to better maintain and repair park amenities and facilities more frequently.
As Rosemead grows, there is a critical need for solutions to address the parking shortage and mitigate impacts to residential neighborhoods where streets have become overflow parking lots. We must take proactive steps to explore and implement feasible solutions to address parking.
The 2018 homeless count by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority reported 81 homeless individuals in Rosemead. Homelessness is a concern shared by both residents and businesses. It is a complicated county-wide issue with underlying challenges impacted by socio-economic, mental health and medical issues. Having been an advocate working to improve the system of care for mental illness, I will use my experience and knowledge to work for effective solutions to address, and minimize the relapse of homelessness by promoting collaboration and partnerships with county resources and social services organizations.